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The VA was founded in February 2002 and is still growing. Since then more than 300,000 flighs have been completed, at present with an average of approximately 2,000 - 2,500 flights per month. We offer a global coverage of destinations for short- to long-haul flights with passengers or cargo while supporting a broad spectrum of aircraft types. However, since Leipzig Air is a german VA, our focus lies within the european region.
All pilots are free to operate their flight off- or online in either of the two larger online networks IVAO respectively VATSIM.

For more information, please use the contact form or mail to ivao@leipzigair.de.

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115242 LHA131 Johannes Wirth
138182 LHA617 Oliver Flach
140005 LHA230 Thomas Stemmer
140737 LHA144 Frank Mohr
171778 LHA715 Christian Schulz
177602 LHA493 Martin Mitrega
189880 LHA438 Bernhard Harb
192024 LHA741 Andre Fuenfstueck
192659 LHA835 Frank Dunkelberg
206667 LHA383 Alexander Kryzan
209257 LHA643 Jens Mohr
214987 LHA632 Leandro Kluth
215288 LHA508 Jochen Wohlhaupt
222891 LHA299 Michael Goralczyk
228537 LHA949 Martin Lonien
230107 LHA754 Brandon Percle
255988 LHA701 Ralf Fibich
261947 LHA393 Tom Mittag
265235 LHA203 Simon Albrecht
277827 LHA921 Ronald Blachnik
283952 LHA630 Alexander Hoppe
296507 LHA631 Stephan Schwarz
314027 LHA596 Benjamin Isbarn
318358 LHA341 Nicolai van Hessen
321109 LHA959 Henry Baumann
340003 LHA374 Philip Krueger
344552 LHA880 Hansjörg Stipp
352962 LHA669 Kay Wesche
357474 LHA412 Lucas Berrsche
364998 LHA605 Ewald Rehling
376070 LHA268 Marvin Bloemer
380966 LHA155 Dennis Veit
383194 LHA208 Robin Hopf
386803 LHA269 Mario Ebenhoeg
386924 LHA211 Klaus Liebert
394002 LHA709 Julian Fischer
397466 LHA821 Philipp Rupp
423088 LHA461 Tobias Streit
424775 LHA264 Thomas Rinke
436219 LHA863 Alexander Finauer
436864 LHA342 Eike Lendzian
439210 LHA675 Daniel Schufen
440300 LHA521 Matthias Paul
441936 LHA149 Daniel Hanselmann
445028 LHA292 Christian Marggraf
451614 LHA259 Carsten Häsel
453754 LHA1040 Rainer Schmitz
458695 LHA548 Peter-Volker Ibing
467317 LHA867 Bruno Köchel
469603 LHA846 Lukas Philips
475527 LHA935 Stev Zimmermann
477324 LHA361 Felix Knippschild
482959 LHA820 Thomas Otto
484573 LHA347 André Pecher
486007 LHA574 Stefan Albrecht
486885 LHA225 Frank Henke
487844 LHA753 Fabien Stein
492666 LHA296 Thomas Hartung
494895 LHA578 Daniel Halbmeier
498386 LHA599 Alexander Mezler
500250 LHA439 Alexander Schultz
510096 LHA444 Daniel Sassman
511083 LHA681 Rainer Schulze
512145 LHA996 Patrick Voegeli
513612 LHA498 Wilfried Schreiber
513672 LHA357 Reiner Korte
514786 LHA452 Chabbey Julien
515626 LHA788 Ekkehard Giesecke
519319 LHA204 Marvin Deseniß
519353 LHA951 Peter Wei
519833 LHA431 Fabian Bochynek
520536 LHA651 Toni Henkel
523927 LHA575 Michael Kolodziej
524566 LHA242 Jens Rheinfelder
525322 LHA414 Jannik Fuchs
532460 LHA923 Marco Fister
536364 LHA660 Markus Rother
537647 LHA850 Marcel Heller
537929 LHA1026 Christian Becker
543393 LHA487 Jan Krause
543705 LHA394 Martin von Oertzen
559045 LHA706 Daniel Wunsch
564441 LHA1035 Tim Sadowski
565339 LHA291 Felix Krause
573656 LHA646 Falko Sargus
574813 LHA677 Alexander Becker
576955 LHA720 Andreas Guecklhorn
580633 LHA776 Michael Oschipowski
582943 LHA249 Manuel Adams
587833 LHA185 Robert Tomczyk
592489 LHA449 Sascha Werlein
595318 LHA829 Carsten Richter
596560 LHA1041 Anes Kujundzic
808131 LHA250 Emil Hirte
995000 LHA501 Marcus Zur
5548420 LHA229 Thomas Schultze